Poems on Autumn

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Fall Poems

Every season has its special beauty, and autumn is no exception. The leaves turn red and gold.
We have some classic poetry from a variety of poets here, free to use. Below you will find a host of autumn quotes, poems and verses.

Late Autumn by William Allingham:
October - and the skies are cool and gray O'er stubbles ... read more

The Autumn by Elizabeth Barrett Browning:
Go, sit upon the lofty hill, And turn your eyes around ... read more

To Autumn by William Blake:
O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain'd - With the blood of ... read more

Autumn by Christopher Brennan:
Autumn: the year breathes dully towards its death, beside ... read more

Fall, leaves, fall by Emily Jane Brontë:
Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away; Lengthen night and ... read more

Among the Rocks by Robert Browning:
Oh, good gigantic smile o' the brown old earth ... read more

Gold Leaves by G.K. Chesterton:
Lo! I am come to autumn, When all the leaves are gold ... read more

October's Party by George Cooper:
October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came ... read more

November Night by Adelaide Crapsey:
Listen. . . With faint dry sound, Like steps of ... read more

Autumn by Emily Dickinson:
The morns are meeker than they were, The nuts are ... read more

If You Were Coming in the Fall by Emily Dickinson
If you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by ... read more

The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" - by Emily Dickinson:
The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" The hue ... read more

As Summer into Autumn slips by Emily Dickinson:
As Summer into Autumn slips - And yet ... read more

Indian Summer by Henry Van Dyke:
A soft veil dims the tender skies, And half conceals ... read more

Autumn in the Garden by Henry Van Dyke:
When the frosty kiss of Autumn in the dark ... read more

A blade of grass by Khalil Gibran:
Said a blade of grass to an autumn leaf, "You make ... read more

A Song of Autumn by Adam Lindsay Gordon:
'WHERE shall we go for our garlands glad ... read more

Autumn by T. E. Hulme:
A touch of cold in the Autumn night - I walked abroad ... read more

To Autumn by John Keats:(excerpt)
Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close ... read more

Autumn (1) by Amy Lowell:
They brought me a quilled, yellow dahlia, Opulent, flaunting ... read more

Autumn (2) by Amy Lowell:
All day I have watched the purple vine leaves Fall into the water... read more

Autumn Song by Katherine Mansfield:
Now's the time when children's noses - All become as ... read more

An Autumn Evening by Lucy Maud Montgomery:
Dark hills against a hollow crocus sky ... read more

Autumn by William Morris:
Laden Autumn here I stand Worn of heart, and weak of hand ... read more

Autumn Song by Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
Know'st thou not at the fall of the leaf ... read more

Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson:
In the other gardens And all up the vale ... read more

On Fields O'er Which by Henry David Thoreau:
On fields o'er which the reaper's hand ... read more

The Wild Swans at Coole by William Butler Yeats:
The trees are in their autumn beauty ... read more